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Why choose Fotosold?

Fotosold is a team of highly specialized real estate photographers and marketers. Our photographs and other listing products have statistically proven to help sell real estate listings faster. Our photographers are trained to add value to your real estate marketing efforts. We are marketers, editors, and artists that understand every step of the process.

Loyalty rewards program
Fotosold’s discount rewards program is unique in our industry. It allows our customers to accrue discounts of up to 20% on all future photo shoots for life.
PureView® technology
PureView® HDR photo-editing is an advanced HDR editing technology that renders the image to a 100% realistic view. It also makes your windows appear perfectly clear.
Listing proven to sell faster
Fotosold’s images are proven to sell listings up to 74% faster than other photography in the industry. This is due to our in-house PureView® HDR photo-editing technology.

Pricing Transparency

Always Included :

  • Blue sky on cloudy days
  • 30' Pole Image
  • Clear Windows Editing
  • Next Morning Delivery
  • Online Instant Scheduling
  • Pureview® Technology
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Client Testimonials

Fotosold has provided more than 25,000 homes with professional real estate photos.

Fotosold has the ability to capture the area in the same way that the human eye does, and that in turn, attracts people to our listings! The difference in a Fotosold photo is notable

90% of buyers begin their Real Estate search online. It is very important that your listings get the most exposure and look their best online and on the MLS. With Fotosold

Using Fotosold’s service is a key part of my marketing strategy. The photos are excellent all the time and they really bring buyers to our listings and that results in more sales. The

Fotosold has been great! I love their photographers and their photos are such high quality. Their services have definitely helped me sell my listings. They have also helped me

I use Fotosold to photograph 100% of my listings. I consider the Fotosold team an important marketing partner that assisted me in achieving my $10 million dollar

Ever since we started working with FOTOSOLD, our business has truly grown. With nearly every home buyer conducting their search online, pictures really do matter. FOTOSOLD’s

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Fotosold operates in Chicago Illinois, Green Bay Wisconsin, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Baton Rouge Louisiana, Lafayette Louisiana, New Orleans Louisiana, Charlotte North Carolina, Spartanburg South Carolina, Miami Florida and Washington DC

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