List of Duties


  • Vacuum and /or clean carpets and sweep and clean wooden and tile floors.
  • Inspect all rooms for orderly arrangement and placement of furniture.
  • Remove small rugs and place in closet.
  • Verify that interior lights are working and replace burnt bulbs with new light bulbs.
  • Turn on all ceiling and wall lights. Turn on all lamps.
  • Turn off fans so that fan blades are not moving.
  • Remove docking stations, cell phones, cell phone charges, newspapers, magazines.
  • Remove cat litter boxes, cat and dog food/water bowels, and other pet related items.


  • Custom Drapes – leave in place, if affixed, otherwise, move to each side of the window.
  • Curtains – moves curtains to each side of the window.
  • Wooden Blinds – Lower blinds entire length of window and adjust blinds to horizontal position.
  • Vinyl, paper, bamboo, other – Raise blinds to top of window.


  • Remove everyday items from countertops such as toasters, coffee makers, white paper rolls, towels, soap, cereal boxes, food, etc.
  • Close all cabinet doors and draws.
  • Remove all stickers, magnets, photographs, notes, etc from front and sides of refrigerator.


  • Verify that coverlets are clean and straight.
  • Remove items from underneath bed, if coverlet does not extent to floor.
  • Clean room and place toys, games, clothes, etc into closet.
  • Remove books, clocks, reading glasses, photographs, etc from night stands.


  • Remove everyday items from countertops.
  • Close water closet top.
  • Remove soaps, brushes, shampoo, etc from shower and tubs.
  • Remove rugs from floor.
  • Almost finished


  • Sweep leaves, dirt etc, from driveway, walkways, patios, decks.
  • Remove garbage bins, bicycles, boxes, landscaping supplies to inside of garage or storage room.
  • Park vehicles inside of garage or on street opposite side of your home.
  • Close garage door and open blinds in garage.
  • Coil garden hose onto garden hose stand or remove.
  • Open patio umbrellas; arrange outdoor furniture for everyday use.
  • Clean pool and remove floating objects from water.
  • Remove security signs, school yard signs, etc from flowerbeds.
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