What We Do

We provide North America with first‑class real estate marketing materials.

  • Premium still images to showcase your listing in the best possible light.
  • Night photography to illustrate the ambient coziness of your home.
  • Cinematic video, capturing the slow flicker of candles on your dining room table, and the humble bee, hovering above a flower, searching for nectar in your beautiful flower garden.
  • Our pilot‑controlled drones spinning around the property at an altitude of 400’ to showcase your 100 acre mansion with swimming pools, forest, private beach, airstrip and your secret Moon rocket launch pad.
  • Virtual Home Staging is a new powerful tool to showcase vacant homes. Our 3D computer‑generated furniture looks 100% realistic and costs a fraction of real staging.

Who We Are

At our core, we are a company of preeminent innovation. A team of business professionals, photographers, and web developers with simplicity and focus in mind. Beautiful and consistent photo quality is not enough. We have also made the entire online ordering and delivering process a walk in the park with the most user-friendly and efficient web platform in our industry. This means you save time and money, and will look even more sensational to your clients.

What We Offer

Our business model is tailored to suit your needs whether you are a small company, a franchise, or a national corporation. We made it simple. We offer the best premium product on the market at the best price without you having to think about negotiating. Also, we reward you for doing business with us.

Our loyalty rewards program is unique in our industry. It allows our customers to accrue discounts of up to 20% on all future photo shoots for life. As you order your photo shoots from Fotosold, your rewards are automatically applied to your Fotosold account. Once you hit the next discount level, your discount is automatically applied to your order when you checkout. Furthermore, it never goes away. It’s our way of saying thank you for your continued business.

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