FOTOSOLD is a professional photography company that specializes in real estate photography. We are seeking skilled, outgoing, and organized photographers to join our team. Our company applies new technologies and photography techniques to the real estate market, and we greatly value both our clients and contractors. Our dynamic team cultivates an enjoyable atmosphere that makes your job a fun and exciting part of your daily life!


To work with FOTOSOLD, you need photography experience, but real estate photography experience is not mandatory. You will be trained through our online program and tested before going out on location with one of our instructors for about 5 houses to shoot prior to working on your own. Our photographers do not edit any materials, and they do not work for FOTOSOLD on weekends unless you insist. We want you to enjoy time with family and friends, or to pick up more photography work!


Our photographers have the critical task of ensuring that client expectations are consistently exceeded with every shoot. Your daily activities will include:

  • Reviewing your online calendar to view jobs for the day.
  • Arrive at each job either early or at the exact time of the shoot. Arriving late is unacceptable.
  • Interact with your client while photographing the property.
  • Upload photos to our online portal – there’s no editing, as we process through our post-processing facility in Asia.


  • You have a camera that is capable of shooting auto exposure bracketing with 5 images 2 stops apart.
  • You have a lens similar to 16-35mm, 17-40mm for a full frame camera or a lens similar to 10-22mm for a crop sensor camera.
  • You have a solid tripod.
  • You have a ball head for your tripod.
  • You have a smartphone.
  • You have a reliable and presentable car.


FOTOSOLD offers the best real estate photography education online and in the field with an instructor, all the specialized equipment, and an exciting and fun job!

  • You have the freedom to decide whether you want to work on weekends.
  • You can manage your calendar for when you like to be available for shoots doing the week.

You can earn between $40 - $60 per hour shooting. Most jobs take an hour, so in the busy seasons, photographers can get up to 5 jobs a day. We believe in a lasting relationship with our photographers and invest a great deal in your startup training and continued education in not only real estate photography but in furthering all of your photographic skills. It’s one of the many benefits you receive working with FOTOSOLD. As a result, we would require you to sign a 6-month non-compete agreement, applying only to real estate photography in our working areas.

If you agree to these terms and are excited about this opportunity, please select the link below to apply. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!